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Contrary to what the term implies, your “dream home” doesn’t appear out of thin air.  Finding it requires a careful evaluation of your wants and needs.

You’ll need to think about where you’d like to live as well as what amenities are important to your lifestyle in a community.

You’ll need to decide how many bedrooms you want and what you’d like to view outside your windows.

Then it will be important to determine how much home you can afford so a realistic price range can be established.

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Dean Wagner, Realtors, has the knowledge and resources to help make buying that dream home a reality! Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan, find and purchase your dream home.

Selling your home? We can help!

The days when selling your home meant putting a sign in the yard and an ad in the newspaper are long over. Today, effective selling demands a full-blown marketing process involving strategic planning, broad exposure through interactive advertising, expert merchandising and much more.

That’s precisely what you’ll receive from Dean Wagner, Realtors. We create awareness of properties for sale on a local, regional, national and, if necessary, international basis.

We are exceptionally well equipped for the task, with tools ranging from traditional advertising and promotional vehicles to powerful networking relationships with top real estate brokers across the country.

What makes it all work for you is your Dean Wagner, Realtors real estate professional who listens to and understands your objectives, provides valuation expertise, and tailors a tech-savvy marketing strategy to suit the unique aspects of your property.

Key Selling Factors

Successfully selling a home involves sound planning, quality advertising, thorough market exposure and knowledgeable salesmanship. But there are additional factors that impact your property’s resale value:

Second-St-Bridge-credit-Sonia-ShipleyAsking Price

Use a comparative market analysis (CMA), prepared by your agent, to determine a listing price that is appropriate for current real estate conditions and competitive with comparable properties. If your home is priced higher than others in the neighborhood, buyers know they can get the location for less. Aim for the middle of the road, which leaves room for negotiation and entices seriously interested parties to make a bid.


Location plays a key role in attracting buyers. Are you near schools, public transportation, entertainment, restaurants? Highlight your proximity to desirable community amenities to increase your home’s desirability.

Market Conditions

Interest rates, consumer confidence, neighborhood trends and the overall economy affect real estate sales and lead to a “seller’s,” “buyer’s” or “balanced” market. Know which situation you are dealing with and expect the value of your property to adjust accordingly.


The level of inventory of homes similar to your own impacts your property’s resale value. When there are several comparable places with similar amenities, finishes and location, price usually determines who gets the sale. Extremely customized floor plans (even though they have little competition) may not fly off the market because it suits a very specific niche instead of the majority of buyers.